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Turmeric Powder

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A garden-fresh turmeric powder that has a golden-yellow colour. Known for its high carcumin (colour property) content. It is a popular variety in India, where turmeric is used as a key colouring agent in 'curries'.

Turmeric has a mild, earthy and woody flavour. It stimulates protein digestion, and is an excellent blood purifier. The use of turmeric as a colouring agent in food dates back as far as 600 B.C. In medieval Europe, turmeric was known as Indian Saffron.


The Hindus in India use turmeric to marinate fish before cooking. Turmeric is both used as a colouring and flavouring agent in Indian cuisine. Solutions of turmeric have long been used in the treatment of wounds, eye infections and common cold.


Botanical Name: Curcuma longa L.

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